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Beginners Fishkeeping

Beginners Guide to Keeping Tropical Fish


Welcome to the hobby of keeping tropical fish visitor

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Beginners Guide to Keeping Tropical Fish This site was written to share the fishkeeping knowledge gained when first keeping tropical fish.

One of the Beginners Fishkeeping team says "I have a Juwel Vision 180 as my main aquarium, but keep several breeding projects on the go in smaller tanks. I've managed to breed Endlers Livebearers, Guppies, Swordtails, Danios and Kribensis. Current projects include Tetras and Barbs. I wanted to share both the successes and the solutions I found to problems, that's why I'm with this site."

We hope you enjoy and benefit from this beginners guide to keeping tropical fish.

We think there's three big secrets for successful fishkeeping:-

1. Don't focus on keeping fish, focus on keeping the water right. The fish will thrive with good water.
2. Research your fish. You can never know too much, and you'll never know anywhere near all that's to be known about any species. Be interested in every species you keep.
3. Fish can be left for days and days without food with no harm done. But over feed your fish and lots will die. Feed sparsely.

In this beginners guide to keeping tropical fish website we cover how to get started, the equipment you'll need, the water quality and the nitrogen cycle, plants, fish species and everything else you need to know to successfully keep tropical fish.


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