Beginners Fishkeeping

Aquarium Heater

What do I need to know about heating my aquarium?

Beginners Guide to Keeping Tropical Fish Most tropical fish suitable for beginners live within a fairly narrow temperature range of between 25 - 27 degrees Celcius (77 - 85 degrees fahrenheit). Suitable aquarium plant also thrive within this range

You'll need an aquarium heater and thermostat to keep the water temperature with the range. (Most on sale are combined heaters and thermostats)

Types of heater include:-

Immersible heater (needs the top of the heater to be above water)
Substrate Heater (buried under sand or gravel - great for plant growth)
Submersible Heater (fully under th water so easy to hide)
In-filter heater (where the heater is hidden in the filter housing, like in Juwel aquaria)

You need to choose which wattage of heater you need. Aquarium heaters range in 50 watts with is enough to heat a very small (5 gallon) fish tank, through to 300 watts. See the table below to choose the right heater