Beginners Fishkeeping

Aquarium Lighting

What lighting do I need for my aquarium?

Beginners Guide to Keeping Tropical FishYour choice of lighting will vary much depend on your views about plants. If you want a really stunning planted aquarium including carpets of plants, then you need to be careful to get your lighting choice perfect.

If you simply want healthy plants of the less fussy varieties, you can afford to be less choosy and spend less in lighting.

For the fishkeeping beginner we would only recommend flourescent strip lighting. You need to use proper aquarium tubes, as there are designed to be safe, and have the right spectrum of light for your plants. They will also appear to enhance the colours in your fish.

You can double the power of your lights simply by fitting reflectors

Be very careful over how long you light the aquarium every day. Too little light may cause your plants to look very poorly and die. Too much light each day will encourage algae growth which is very difficult to control.

It's now possible to buy LED moonlight or red lights for use at night. These look stunning.