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Aquarium plants

Should I grow real plants in my aquarium?

The aquarium is a living micro evironment, and we believe real plants are essential for a number of reasons.
The Aquarium

Living plants absorb nitrate and waste as they grow. They respire, meaning that during the day they absorb carbon-dioxide and produce oxygen. The surface of living plants is often full of the friendly bacteria which breakdown waste. Live aquarium plants also harbour micro-organisms which are a food source for fish (particularly good for fry).

Live plants compete with algae for nutients in the water. Adding fast growing plants can help control algae.

For the beginner, one thing to beware of is that some suppliers will market terestial plants as suitable for the aquarium (displayed underwater too!) when in fact they're not, and will do within a couple of months through being submerged.

Some commonly grown genuinely aquatic plants which thrive in the tropical tank and are suitable for beginners include:

Amazon Sword
Java Moss
Java Fern

We recommend buying plants online, particularly special bundles, which are chosen by experts to suit your aquarium size, giving a beautiful selection foreground low growing plants, mid range plants and tall growing background plants.