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Beginners Fishkeeping

Feeding Tropical Fish

Fish Food for Tropical Fish

Beginners Guide to Keeping Tropical Fish The easiest and best food to feed a community aquarium of tropical freshwater fish is a known brand of flake fish food such as Aquarian.

The worst and most costly mistake you can make in fishkeeping is overfeeding. Fish can go for days and even weeks with no added food, so make sure you aim to give them only enough food they can consume within a couple of minutes.

Fish benefit from having a variety of food, especially if you want to breed them. We recommend a combination of flake, pellets, algae tablets, frozen bloodworm, and live foods. These should each be fed on diferent days, with the smallest quantity.

If you can't vary the diet, go for flake. Most beginners tropical fish will happily take flake fish food.

If you want the fish to breed, feed more live and frozen food, less pellet and flake food.