What Equipment will I need for my aquarium?

Starting with the obvious, you’ll need an aquarium. There’s a lot of choices of aquarium, so firstly, what size would be ideal?

If its for an average size living room, a 3 foot aquarium would be ideal and if you’re feeling ambitious go for a 4 foot tank. Go for one with good depth and height dimensions too.

Some manufacturers such as Aqueon include lights, heating and filter in with the aquarium, as a complete kit. If not, you’ll need to purchase the lights, heater and filter separately. Find out more on the relevant section of the website. Other equipment you’ll need includes:-

  • An aquarium thermometer.
  • A net for catching fish.
  • A syphon for water changes.
  • An algae magnet.
  • Water Testing Equipment.
  • A planting Tool

You’ll also need to landscape your aquarium with a substrate such as gravel, and features such as rock or wood items. You will almost certainly want to have plants in the beginners aquarium.

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